DSS113 BugsSilkscreen SALE

Mayco Designer Silkscreens are a great way to add intricate detail to your work. Each screen is 15” x 12” with different themes (Sealife, Nautical, etc) or patterns (Chevron or stripes). Combine  AC310 Silkscreen Medium with underglazes, Stroke & Coat® or Designer Liner to create a paste which is pushed through the screen onto bisque or unfired glaze surface.  Designer Silkscreens can also be used with acrylics or fabric paint and can be applied to other craft surfaces.

See them in action instructional video CLICK HERE! 

Step-by-step instructions CLICK HERE!

Don't forget to order AC-310 Silkscreen Medium for mixing colors to the proper consistency. 

DSS113 BugsSilkscreen SALE
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