BPKIT4 Basic Studio Puzzler Mold Assortment $199

BPKIT4 Basic Studio Puzzler Mold Assortment comes with 13 molds and tools. This assortment has all the basics for a studio to get started including one each of the items listed and 6 press tools.

BP308 Medium Globe Mold $25

BP317 Small Trio Vase Puzzler Mold $20

BP332 Small Clay Pot $10

BP333 Medium Clay Pot $15

BP342 Sm Round Vase $25

BP343 Small Ball Vase $25

BP351 Small Narrow Cylind Vase $15

BP352 Tall Slender Cylind Vase $20

BP500 Heart Puzzler Molds Set of 2 Sale $20

BP522 Hour Glass Shape Bisque Puzzler Mold $20

BP523 Small Traditional Vase Bisque Puzzler Mold $20

PPT1 Puzzling Press Tool $9.99

RSET-POT1 Royal Complete Pottery Tool Set $12.95

RSET-POT6-7 Wooden Sculpting Tools