BPKIT3 Deluxe Studio Puzzler Mold Assortment $699

BPKIT3 Deluxe Studio Puzzler Mold Assortment comes with over $1,000 worth of products.

28 Molds and all the excessories a studio owner needs to get started. Assortment comes with one each of these items and 6 press tools.

BP305 Three Pumpkin Puzzler Molds $150 set 3

BP-TREE21 Large Bisque Puzzler Tree Cone $39.95

BP-TREE12 Small Bisque Puzzler Tree Cone $24.95

BP300 Tall Slender Vase Mold $45

BP301 Short Wide Vase Mold $45

BP307 Large Globe Mold $35

BP309 Small Globe Mold $15

BP308 Medium Globe Mold $25

BP313 Fluted Top Vase $25

BP320 Slender Vase Trio Puzzler Molds $75 Set

BP328 Gourds Trio Molds $70

BP337 Droplet Vase $45

BP338 Oct Vase $45

BP339 Deep Medium Bowl $35

BP340 Large Deep Bowl $60

BP342 Sm Round Vase $25

BP343 Small Ball Vase $25

BP350 Traditional Vase Puzzler Mold $35

BP500 Heart Puzzler Molds Set of 2 Sale $20

BP505 Large Wide Vase $65

BP523 Small Traditional Vase Bisque Puzzler Mold $20

LP101 Pumpkin Leaves (set 3) $12

PPT1 Puzzling Press Tool $9.99

RSET-POT1 Royal Complete Pottery Tool Set $12.95

RSET-POT6-7 Wooden Sculpting Tools $19.95